Sunday, August 15, 2010

So let's talk about pre-teens...

Is it weird that the Juniors are exponentially better than the Seniors this year?
Jordyn Wieber's a given.
Well apparently she's a wee bit injured, but she'll be fine. (Hurt her ankles on a warmup at VISA's)
I have faith.
Kyla Ross?
One of the best double yurchenkos around.
And, three juniors have amanars.
Mckayla Maroney (she scored a 16.1 on it at Championships and it was amazing)
Lexie Preissman
and of course Jordyn.

The only senior that can attempt it is Alex Raisman and hers is less than satisfactory at the moment.

Who's gonna do bars at worlds this year? because frankly i see waaaay too many beam/vault/floor specialists around here.

And whats with all these juniors doing amanar's and not even considering second vaults?
I don't get it.

Honestly, if Bridget doesn't get better this will probably be the world team.

Rebecca Bross (duh even though i can't stand that her legs always look bent.)
Can i just say that becca is one of the most royally inconsistent gymnasts around? She has been doing that EXACT same beam routine since 2005 and she still falls almost every single time. Championships was a God Send.
And i hate when Elfi and Tim buy into that whole "She must fufill the WOGA prophecy" thing. IT'S SO ANNOYING.
NEWSFLASH: when you say things like that two years ahead of time, they never really happen.
For example: Shawn Johnson. She was the chosen one! And then Nastia Liukin beat her.
Remember how it was 'destiny' because her coaches were 'chinese' and she was the 'perfect age'.
I guess not.

K, so back to the world team.
Alexandra Raisman (who needs to get herself an original floor routine)
Mattie Larson (who i love love love love love. and always have)
Alicia Sacramone (Let's face it, she's just too awesome not to compete at World's)
Mackenzie Caquatto (She's got a great bar routine. And could potentially fill that hole)

What happened to Amanda Jetter?
She scratched championships but is still on the National Team.
Probably an injury but i just wish i knew what it was!
She's one of my favorite.

Tell me whatcha thinkkk.
Cassie Whitcomb?
I don't think so.
Just wanted to put that in there.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PYT: Profiles of the Young.

As the ingeniously named "Covergirl Classic" rolls around, its time for more Justin Bieber fans to learn level 9 skills and enter themselves in the US Challenge in hopes of becoming a hopes or pre elite gymnast. I for one can not wait until i get to see A-scores of 4.0. Hmm... sounds elite to me.

But in all seriousness, i am super excited for Summer 2010. There are some great new talented girls out there just ready to make a splash. And i would love to introduce some to you:

Exhibit A: Claire Boyce.

Although claire is fifteen years old, and i have followed her closely through her many gym switches over the years. (Starting her higher level career at Dynamo, moved multiple times and has recently found a home at Texas Dreams) She still manages to be relatively unknown. She is a great example of what the Pre-elite system is for. She first qualified as a pre-elite in 2007 and last year was her first year at elite status.

Strengths: Her lines, very very clean and flexible much like Nastia.

Best tricks: She has a whip triple on floor and a hop full to tcatchev on bars. Hmm... impressive.

Good luck at Nationals Claire!

Reinvent Yourself, Cupcake.

Hey. It's Corinne.
The artist formerly known as cccam.
Now known as Cosmicorinne.
(pronounced cosmic corinne)

So, new blog, new youtube account, new ipod, new computer.
And did i mention new quadranium?
Its almost as if this all fell into place.
Thanks Jesus.

So what should i talk about first?
how about how totally in love i am with gymnastike
Uh, its amazing.
or how i still hate elfi schlegel.
Yep, still do.
How about how i'm heading off to college.
And i'll be making some more montages!
Hopefully they're good.
I haven't made any in awhile.

I just wanna know how your lives are going?
Lets fall back in touch, shall we?
Sounds good.

Love you!